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Onyx! (#10)

The site is now closed at least for the moment, since we've already taken the database copy and any changes made from this point on will not carry over. You will (knock on wood) be able to view your accounts again once the copy site has been reconfigured on the server for the purposes of any last minute viewing of pets etc. Rest assured all your pet and item data etc. is safe.

But have no fear! ALURIYA IS NOT DYING. We have decided to incorporate Aluriya together with two other sites that have been in development, Seraphel and Inkborne, together into a NEW site that will incorporate some of the features from Aluriya. Aluriya will have its own area on the new site and we will bring back the aethers, though they will be revamped to match Inkborne style.


For any further updates, please see the news on Khimeros as we will no longer be posting news here and we will in fact be starting to deconstruct this site to work on the new site....

Growables and Site Closing News

Onyx! (#10)

The site will be closing soon and we won't be fixing any glitches with the site, but we wanted to let people know that the recent growable issues were due to growables filling up the server. We have upgraded the server now, so you will be able to grow your items again until the site closes.

The remainder of the fire themed items will likely go out as a care package, and at that time there will be a one month notice that the site is closing. We will be purging all growables that are not ported to khimeros from the site, so if you have grown items you want to keep, please port them to khimeros. You should also be moving any items you wish to keep, to khimeros. We will be keeping info on all non-transferable items owned by users but in order to receive these items or compensation for these items, you MUST have a khimeros account and be synced to it! This also goes for pets - you must have a khmeros account and sync your alu account to your khimeros account if you wish to receive y...